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Products and Services

We began planting our trees in the spring of 2004. We plant 3-2 bare-root, balsam fir transplants, which take about seven years to reach market size, after lots of TLC! Our mature, full and fresh trees are available as choose-and-tag, choose-and-cut and pre-cut to beautify your home during the Christmas season. Local delivery is also available. You can expect a wonderful, convenient outing with your family: a wagon ride to and from the top of our fields; a relaxing time choosing your tree with lots of help in loading your tree with plenty of hot chocolate and cider and a warm fire to take the chill off. If times escapes you during the holiday season, you can have us cut your tagged tree and make it available at the store for pickup for a small $15 service fee. No fee for cut-and-carry.

Jumbo (9'+) $99.53/$105 Tax Included, Yellow tag.
Standard (7'-9') $76.87/$81 Tax Included, White tag.
Apartment (5'-7') $55.92/$59 Tax Included, Blue tag.
Table Top, $33.15/$35 Tax Included, Red tag

Pre-tagging fee: $15; No fee for cut-and-carry.

Please, no tipping at the Old Farm!
As always, no charge for refreshments and amenities.